Sunday, May 27, 2007

Zombie Week Day 7

You may have noticed that I didn't have a post yesterday but I intended to have the last day coincide with my debut of my short story at The Late Late Show. The debut came a day late but I can finally get the last post of Zombie Week out now. Are you a little teary-eyed? I can understand I feel the same way. If only there were 10 days in a week but we can only let this go on for so long.

If you would let me be a bit self indulgent I decided to talk about the zombie I have in my short story. I played around with the rules a bit in this one. The most important one is that only the firemen in my short story became zombies. I wanted this story to be a reactionary tale to the government response to Katrina and I always thought the part of the government everyone could agree that we needed, no matter what type of politics you might have, are the firemen.

These zombies are undead and still want to eat flesh so I went classic with the old Romero type but I made it so the bites they make are lethal but didn't change anyone into a zombie (it would dilute the story if others that weren't firemen became zombies). That means I had to give some more umph to these zombies since they would be few in number so I made it so that even brain damage couldn't kill them. In fact, not much of anything could kill them.

I also wanted them to be more horrific from the regular zombies so I made their bellies bloated to bursting from all the flesh they consumed. I reasoned that since zombies are dead, they don't have functioning digestive systems so all that flesh in their bellies would stay in there and just rot. Pretty disgusting image but I liked it and used it.

So if you want to actually read the story in question you can read it here and also listen to it here.


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