Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Zombie Week Day 3

Come, children. Sit down in a semicircle as I regal you with information The zombie we will be examining today will be the Return of the Living Dead zombie.

In 1985 the zombie genre had all but run it's course. There really was nothing new to the market until Return of the Living Dead decided to hit the general public. These zombies had different rules than the Romero zombie. Instead of an unknown, mysterious reason as to why the dead come back to life there is a definite reason in this movie, a chemical. It's this horrible lethal toxic stuff that brings back the dead. When they come back they have a huge hankering for brains. Yes, this is one of the major contributions to the zombie genre, the hunger for brains. These zombies also differ from the general zombie because they can't be killed by a blow to the head. We'll get to how to kill them later since it is a bit complicated. Another difference is that these guys can actually talk. In fact they can be quite articulate which means they can also be cunning if it came to that. Depending on there state of degeneration, they could also be quite fast if they were hungry for delicious delicious brains. They hungered for brains because they said it was the only way to fight the horrible pain of being dead. I don't know what that pain would be like but remember that brains are the only aspirin to that pain.

I always wondered if one of these zombies could be reasoned with. Perhaps they could be bribed with brains or a brain supplement and we could all live in a happy zombie wonderland. Unfortunately, that idea never came up in the movie, what from all the running away from zombies.

Now, because these zombies couldn't be killed by a smashed brain, these zombies were extra difficult to kill. One could reason that you could chop one into pieces and burn that into nothing, but when they tried to do that in the movie the really bad thing about these zombies became apparent. You see, the real threat wasn't the zombies but the chemical inside them. When a zombie was burnt, the chemicals inside it would go back into the atmosphere and when it rained come back down contaminating any dead thing it touched. Very very bad news. The answer to killing them came in the sequel Return of the Living Dead 2 in which zombies could be killed through electrocution. There are further sequels Rave to the Grave, and Necro-something, that changed the rules but those movies were crap so no one saw them, thankfully.

Another aspect of zombies that was brought to the plate with this movie was the comedic zombie. This is because you can only look at a bunch of stumbling zombies begging for brains for so long and not start laughing.


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