Friday, May 25, 2007

Zombie Week Day 6

I can see the end in sight and it makes me a little sad. There really is much more to talk about than just 7 days worth so I'll just gloss over the remaining zombies in this post. Some of these monsters won't even be zombies but they are the dead come back and you'll notice a strange trend when it comes to the dead come back to life.

We should start with one of the most famous reanimated corpses. Frankenstein's Monster was never really written as a monster that was a patchwork of dead people parts, but ever since the Universal movie came, it became the general consensus. This guy follows many zombie characteristics so I thought we was worth a mention. He can't talk in the first movie, resorting to just grunts and the masterful acting of Boris Karloff to get the monster to come to life. He stumbled around like a zombie and was often seen with arms stretched reaching for something like zombies often did, hell Karloff probably invented that walk.

There are also the movies with generic zombies. We can see these guys from Evil Dead movies to Simpson's Halloween specials. Most of these zombies don't really have any rules per say. Sometimes they want brains, sometimes they just want to bite you and other times they are smart as hell. Sometimes it's only a bite that will turn you into a zombie, other times just dieing will do the trick. It's the lack of consistency that makes it impossible for me to classify them as a species or sub specious of their own.

I also want to mention the few times that the dead come back different. I wouldn't call them zombies but they do have a murderous intent. A prime example is the little kid from Pet Cemetery who came back from the dead after being buried in a pet cemetery. Five year old undead kids with a scalpel are worse than any zombie. Why you ask? Cuz they can hide under the bed. In fact 9 out of ten times if you are missing your five-year-old undead kid you'll find him under your bed with a scalpel. Fun fact btw the little kid killed the actor who played Hermon Munster, who was a Frankenstein monster, so you can see it as a kind of passing of the torch amongst undead monsters... nahh I'm just talking out of my ass.


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