Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Zombie Week Day 4

Is it day 4 already? Oh how the time flies when you're knee deep in zombies. Who should we look at now? How about a zombie class that arent even zombies?

When the movie 28 Days Later came out the zombie genre got a new kick in the pants. What's funny is that the creatures in this movie arent really zombies, ie they are not the dead come back to life. Instead of the dead, it is a virus known as the Rage virus that is making all these kids go cuckoo for Coco Puffs. These people don't really want flesh or brains like our previous zombie friends. Instead they just want to kill the hell out of anyone that isn't like them and when one of them bites you the virus spreads so rapidly that you become one in a matter of seconds.

The real strength of this type of zombie, or Rage infected as some of you would rather call them, is the virus itself. Most zombies will slow down to chomp down on a newly captured victim but if a single bite is all you need to turn someone then you're in big trouble and entire seas of people can become a hoard of zombies in a few minutes.

The one thing that helps people in the never-ending battle of humans vs. Zombies is the fact that these zombies are actually alive. That means a good shot in the gut or punch in the face can knock one out. On the other hand there is a new aspect to these zombies that can make them more terrifying than any other zombie; they can run. Getting chased by fast zombies is far more scarier than raptors in my opinion and much harder to avoid than your average slumping zombie.

We saw fast zombies again in a remake of the classic Romero film, Dawn of the Dead and now the debate rages. Do you like your zombies fast or slow? It's a debate that pits brother against brother, father against son, and tears at the very fabric of this nation. Like the great Less Filling/Tastes Great debate, this issue may never be settled, all we can do is wait it out and hope the bloodshed stays to a minimum.


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