Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Writing Update

Haven't mentioned what's been going on in the writing front for a while so I'll give you all an update. So far the script for The Fracture #2 is in the poop shoot and in the hands of our artist. I finished a short story that is only 1400 words. It's more serious than my usual voice but I can write depressing things every once in a while. The thing I like the most about the story? The Title. What do you think of A Likeness in Remembering? It's a short story about a man experimenting with memory altering drugs so I think it fits. The next thing I'll work on is a rough draft for #3. Then I'll gather my energy for a 4th draft (sigh) of Angel's Reflection. On a good note The Secret Society of the Talking Cross has been racking up those rejections. I've been intentionally only been looking at response times for suitable places to send it. That's it for now!

Rejection Count: 7


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