Sunday, May 20, 2007

Zombie Week Has Started

There's a sense of energy in the air. Do you feel it? It may be that spring air or it may be that Zombie Week has started! I decided to make a series of posts describing the many types of zombies there are in anticipation of the release of my zombie short story A Contained Inferno.

I thought I would start with the classic zombie this time, the one that started it all. The following is not fiction if you can believe it or not. Certain witch doctors of the Voodoo persuasion would often find a need for a mindless servant to do farm work or labor intensive kind of grunt jobs. I think we've all wished to have such a servant but while most of us kept the idea to just wishful thinking, proactive Voodoo witch doctors decided to do something about it. With the help of an unknown recipe (many think the main ingredient is blow-fish poison) the witch doctor would blow some of this powder on a victim and the victim would suffer from a paralysis that is so effective that many people assume that the victim is dead. These people get buried by family members, but are, in fact, still alive. The Witch Doctor will dig up this person and as the effects of the poison wear off it will leave the victim in a mindless and suggestible state.

This is when the witch doctor can take his new zombie to his home and show it to his family so others can pet it and give it a dish of milk.

And that, children, is where zombies are made, at least in our world. The practice has pretty much fallen off the planet since doctors have become better at figuring out if a dude is dead or not, but it should be noted that it is still a crime punishable by death in many Caribbean Islands.

Monday will be the Romero zombie. Can you stand the anticipation?


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