Saturday, February 02, 2008

Entertainment Overload

Mardi Gras started yesterday and won't be ending until Wednesday. Superbowl Sunday tomorrow. Lakers just put themselves over the top to become title contenders in the West. There's also a thing called Super Tuesday this week, which may determine who will become the next president of the US. The only bad news is that I have until now and next week to read Ulysses. If I go mad during that time blame James Joyce.

I'm at 34 reviews with the ABNA. If you were thinking about doing a review and just didn't have the time to do it, I gotta ask for it soon. The problem is that on Feb 19th they announce the 100 top semi-finalists and I doubt any reviews written near that date will effect Penguin editors opinions. To be perfectly honest I don't even know how much good a review will do but I imagine having a lot of them can't hurt. Certainly it tells Penguin that I can generate a decent following if the book was published.

Enjoy your weekends all. I know I'll be busy.


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