Sunday, December 09, 2007


The semester is finally over and all I have to do is get some essays graded. This is the perfect time to watch some movies and read some books. I thought I would recommend some good books and movies you guys probably never heard of and maybe you guys can give me some suggestions yourselves.


OldBoy: It's twisted, it's messed up, it's intense, and brilliant.

Lady Vengeance: Same director, once again, twisted, fucked up, not as brilliantly written but the style of this movie is amazing.

3 Iron: The weirdest love story I've ever seen. The two main characters have only one line between them.


Deathnote: It's an anime, but its the most clever anime I've seen since Evangelion.


Forgive me but I've pretty much only been doing zombie research so it'll all be zombie related.

Book of the Dead: If you ever wished some guy would watch every single zombie movie there was and tell you about them then you got your wish. Best zombie book period.

I am Legend: It's got nothing to do with zombies except for the fact that it's what inspired Romero to do Night. It's also the kind of horror I've been wishing there was and it was there all along.

Comic Books

The Walking Dead: Yeah it's about zombies again but it does a great job of answering what happens after the end of the movie and the characters realize they have to live in a zombie apocalypse for the rest of their lives.

Okay, I showed you mine now you have to show me yours.


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