Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hearing about Obama's victory created a rare kind of happiness on election night. It was the kind of happiness that bubbles back up without notice for months and months, as if the joy is too big to experience all at once and so needs to be experienced in small portions. It feels like we've been working for this day for most of our lives, if that's understandable.

On a side note I want to talk about those of us who walk around with a big sign taped to our backs yelling "I AM DIFFERENT THAN YOU". We normally wear our signs with pride, but the biggest burden is knowing that we can never take them off. Most of us have accepted that by now and we're cool with it, but I gotta say it sure is a thrill to see someone wearing that same sign taking the oath to become President of the United States. Now we just need 43 more and we'll be even.


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